December 2023

Dearly Beloved Supporters,

Greetings to you all in Jesus lovely name, I trust you had a blessed Christmas and New Year, welcome to 2024. I pray that 2024 will bring you all that God has for you in his plan for your lives!

December, as usual, didn’t bring a full slate of meetings but the Lord did open some doors for us. I rejoice in the fact that where God leads, He makes a way for us, and where God guides, He provides!

We started out December traveling to Fulton, Mississippi to preach in the Annual Missions Conference for Brother Alan Gullick and the River Hill Baptist Church. We had a tremendous conference and the Lord spoke to our hearts, there was good attendance, and the church took a step forward in their missions giving. The Wednesday night before the conference started, I preached for Brother Kerry Nelson and the Grace Memorial Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. Brother Kerry and his people always join in on this conference every year to make it a combined Missions Conference for both churches.

The very next Monday found me traveling to Leesville, Louisiana to take part in the Annual Camp Meeting for Brother Kerry Nelson and the sweet folk of the Fort Hope Baptist Church. It was a tremendous time of preaching, singing, and fellowship and provided a perfect segway into the Christmas season. Brother Kerry and his people are some of the most gracious hosts you’ll ever see.

I arrived home in time to preach for Brother Paul Brantner and the Grace Baptist Church on Sunday, December 10th. I was touched by the liberty to preach and the graciousness of Brother Paul and his people.

The rest of the month was spent on getting some rest and spending time with my precious family. I was asked to preach for our home church and for a watchnight service for Brother Larry LaFreniere and the sweet people of the Glory Baptist Church in Stafford, Texas.

In closing, please allow Joni and I to extend our wishes for a Blessed New Year and for God’s good hand to rest upon each of you in the days to come!

In Christ,

Brother Mark & Sister Joni Thrift