February 2024

Dear Supporters,
Please forgive the tardiness of this prayer letter! I have been fighting Pneumonia since the first week of March and I have not had any energy or time to get it done. I tried preaching and fulfilling my meetings through all of this, but it only set me back. Finally, this week I cancelled the meeting I was in and decided to come home and rest. I feel like I am finally putting this behind me. Please remember us in prayer as to our physical needs.
As far as the month of February, it brought another surprise! I was supposed to go to Turkey the first two weeks of the month, but I had to cancel it due to some medical tests that Sister Joni had to have. The test showed some uncertain results, so I decided it was best for me to cancel and be here when the final reports came in. Everything turned out okay, but it is a situation that we are going to have to give diligent attention to.
Since I was home and with our church’s missions conference coming up in April, our Pastor asked me to preach on “Grace Giving” the first three Sunday nights of February in preparation for our conference. I enjoyed being in our home church and having the opportunity to minister to our people in this area.
The third week of February I travelled to Middleton, Tennessee to preach a missions conference for Brother Jeremy Burnette and the precious folk of the Calvary Baptist Church. The Lord gave us liberty to preach and there was a good response on the part of the church. They embraced the responsibility of getting the gospel around the world and committed themselves to doing so.
With all that happened in February, it only reminds me that our lives and times are in God’s hands, and we should never take for granted the opportunities He gives us. We should serve Him with all our hearts because things can change in a moment of time.
In closing, allow me to thank each one of you for your generosity in supporting and praying for us. We not only need your participation, but we thank the Lord for you and realize more than ever the part you play in this ministry!
In Christ,
Brother Mark Thrift